Sharing geotagged photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Picasa Web Albums

One really cool thing to try with the furtiv plug-ins is sharing geotagged photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Picasa Web Albums.

Here is how to setup your phone to geotag photos and videos:

1- Start the Camera in your device. Go to Options -> Settings -> Record Location and set it to “On”. Your phone will now geotag all photos and videos that you shoot.

settingsRecord location

2. When taking a photo or recording a video, you’ll see a “satellite dish” icon that indicates if your phone has a GPS fix and knows your exact location.

Waiting for GPSGPS fix

Once the icon changes you can be 100% sure that your picture/video will be geotagged. However, you do not have to wait for the icon to change. If you take a picture before the icon changes, your phone will still try to find your GPS location for a couple of minutes and will geotag your picture. Even if your phone can not get a GPS fix at all (for example, if you are inside a building), it will tag your picture with information of the cellular tower to which it was connected when you took the picture. This cell information is used by furtiv to calculate an approximate location and geotag your picture.

Screenshot00963. Now just upload your media to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Picasa Web the way you normally do it. When previewing your uploads, you’ll see that the location in being included.

This geotagging example was done with an Nokia N85. If you are using a different phone, the icons and names of the settings may vary be a little, but the steps are pretty much the same. For example, on N97 and 5800 the “Record location” setting is called “Show GPS info” and instead of the satellite dish icon on the Camera you get a pushpin icon. But everything works pretty much the same.

In Twitter, Facebook and YouTube furtiv adds a link to view the location on MapTwits (a minimalistic mapping service for Twitter that also works on mobile phones). On Picasa Web Albums you’ll be able to see the map right next to your photo.

Below are some examples of how geotagged media appears in different services:

Geotagged video on Facebook

geotagged video FB

Geotagged photo on Twitter

geotagged photo TW

Here are some more links to example geotagged media that was shared using furtiv:

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