Trump-free browsing

Block links, images and websites related to the word Trump. Why would you want anything Trump on your iPhone?

Banish Trump from the web

The easiest way to make Trump go away for good. No need to manually edit blacklists, rules, etc. Filter Trump out of your life.

Works for all Trumps

We are not naming any names. We just block all Trumps. These examples are popular websites that illustrate how Trump Trump works.

Also blocks Trump stuff

We block more than just people. We've heard that there are casinos, buildings, and even airplanes related to the word Trump.

No Trump on your iPad

Even more Trump content can clutter on your iPad screen. Trump Trump works hard to give you a Trump-free existence.

Trump Trump integrates directly into Safari, so you do not need to change anything about the way you browse the web. Simply activate it and start enjoying Trump-free browsing

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